Thursday, 14 August 2014


I saw two cultivations -
Betel leaf and paddy corn in one field,
Both are close to each one’s clossy way,
One big covered zone for betel leaf,
Beneath the trees, and near by is an open  
Meadow filled with rain-waters,
Down to the enclosure lies
Ploughed earth for paddy cultivation,  
Both need plenty of water
For their food, breathing, growing.

Next to each one’s field, one note and one song, 
Next to each one’s share, one quotes and expectation, 
Next to each one’s life, one water, raising ground sensation, 
Next to each one’s visibility, one green and one perpetuation. 
A cool decision comes over life to move fast,
It is mood, food, boost, energy,
Those are caring for life and livelihood,
 Making everything touching in motion,
And as I was moving on within their territory,
I think of their silent co-existence,

No war, no bargaining in their firmament.

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