Saturday, 31 March 2012


On the stage of performance,
She takes reality of love, incessant,
Meant for sacrifice, I noticed it,

And to form a life, on her wisdom
So as to make a sequence of
First recognition, and its celebration,

She receives nature's gentleness,
Arisen by touching of the tongue,
Hands are tiding deeper

In the recognition of
Sensual raining, laws of touching
Body, code of passion,

I allowed it to travel
Like drizzles upon layers
After body layers, in sensation.

Every realization moves first,
In three layers of love,
To feel her, to adore her.

To stimulate the fusion, an actor, 
In bold efforts of unspoken stir,
Closer, more closer in realm of touch.

The warmth I feel,
And I move deeper in love,
That marks my days, to hold me, as
Presumably gains of love. 

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