Thursday, 15 March 2012


The world has changed to new orientation that each baby sees it on the way.
In my eyes we are changing, and I see the baby’s eyes on the fill to keep space with,
The baby manages the way, that we are not accustomed to see it in our publicity,
As there is a gap with me and the grandson about sixty years, and we are prone
To feel the art of living that the baby is adopting with its tiny limbs and brain.
T he television set we see at twenty years of age, while the baby sees it now,
At the very bringing of his birth, the very sign of syllables that he takes part,
And we get this opportunity after some time that keeps us twisted in airy charms.
The unfamiliar ways of living is now a real part on images and moving scenes
That the baby has the path way, different from what we are in the situation in the past.

The first introduction has the run, and seeks recognition with the time bound source,
The radio station that time is now turns mostly to studio vision where an anchor is crown,
The script, the fashion, the questions, the answers, etc. are face to face broadcasting,
The hilly scenery behind the talking show is now moving with graphic terms.
And the very turns come enthusiastically and intelligent performances are dictum,
That the baby sees in its small and searching eyes to fill the authoritative script
Of the baby’s nascent brain, complete with the sun rise or the sun set colors of love,
That brings a vivid expression into the early brain, taking it to another sequence
Of early nerves, tender feeling gives birth to the question we are not accustomed
To the time when we are at the same age of the baby of the past time,
It is hilarious task for us, but it is soft task for the baby who has just got birth.

Today a boy is familiar with TV stations, that we are not familiar with at that time,
And the baby can perceive and interview what the promotion it gets from birth.

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