Wednesday, 14 March 2012


My heart feels hurt more on escapes, and
On suspected feeds that she lives another way,
That my ministry does not fit to be my love,
And I think she does bear so many wings,
And she lives in a house always locked inside,
There telephone calls or web search does not reach,
As living in reality and living in fantasy,
Are two different worlds and I have to wait
And see how hurry she feels more to be with me,
And I have to think I am not hungry for her
And I have to think I am not thirsty for her,
Rather I will live in the jungle of honesty,
As showing content has a dark side on the floor,
And the glass wall does not show it at all,
And I have to think my attempt be careful
As I have to learn more, and my mind is not fit
For all such living, and also I have to think about
Hope that I have to hold, while moving on this web war,
And some jet wave may fill the heart,
And this is not real heart to be with for comfort
As the moving things are not always right what we see within.

I have to choose a real woman to light my desire
And she stays with me all my time with lovely smiles. 

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