Friday, 23 March 2012


She comes and gently talks with me. Her talks are nice, and all time she is very sharp in her words, it is her courtesy to pay respect, I like it, And she talks about her work, that is hosting of a new web site about The Loving Heart, And she replies all my talks with delay due to her focus on what she is doing. And on query, she just replies to me

-“When I love to do something, I get fully involved in it.”

She becomes curious to know the falls that may come on way of life for excellent performance, and wants to tell about soul and contrive For composing on own share of love and life, And she has her man, far away from her country, as her friendship has come from a social web site. And she finds her beloved one in examining him on the personality art he shows with vigor and she feels great to the quality she deserves for his choice.

When I praise her for her great attention She becomes pleased as if she is brightened with the words that she wants to hear and bear. And then she speaks some words

-“When I enjoy something, I get involved in it. But when it isn’t something I really want to do I have lack of discipline, I cannot keep going as I have been distracted on my attempts quite a number of times.” She says.

-“When you want to work, it is the mind first will ask you to do it, and again it will ask you to think before doing it, and in this world,
Everywhere you will find distractions and likewise there are enthusiasm to carry on the works that you love most and it is desired in heart.” I say.

-“The mind does get in the way for sure, and it is the mind that always stops us. I wish I can find a key to turn it off and on.” She replies.

-“Yes we have to find the way.” I say.

-“I will turn it off when I don’t need it to think, and turn it on when I have to solve problem or create futures.” She replies.

-“And I feel you good to understand all, dear.” I say.

-“I will be busy with my new web site, as I have got a lot of things to do over the next little while. Have you written any more poetry lately?” she asks.

-“See the link posted on my wall today.” I say.

-“Yes, yes, I find it, hold on, I am reading it.’ And after few minutes she says, “Interesting story Asim. Does the woman respect her own choice, her husband?” She says.

-“It comes in my mind in the way that some minds are so intensive and full of freedom that sometimes these minds are distracted at a single repulsion, and these minds want to search a new mind to get relief. It is my imagination.” I say.

-“Well, yes. However, when a person knows that they have a good partner, even when they argue over something they will still remain committed to the relationship, if they are mature enough to do so. I am very much younger than my partner…. he is twenty years older than me…….. When we are in each other’s company it will be much easier though, because talking over the Internet is open to misinterpretation. There lies a hope if we can afford to deal all matters mutually.” She says.  

-"Then you may read a poem where I say about something about WIFE that is published in a journal of poetry in USA." I say.

After a little while she says, "It is a good poem, dear friend. You have many people who like your poetry. You have observed the world too, I understand from our discussions. It is a good poem. Here is dead of night. I will talk with you later on." 

After that the internet connection is logged off. 

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