Saturday, 17 March 2012


Upon the earth we build up a long horizon,
We do share love and portrait of creations
That we can imagine and pray for memorizing
The sweet dreams that are borne in minds,
Those are our expectations of bindings,
And thus we live in sequences of events.

The meadow, the sea, the city where we are living,
Are all sentences of our existence we do create
And try to live in love and in selected manners
We are in the soothing zone of love in sanctity,
And the celestial bliss does more inside heart and soul,
That is the source of prayer and sublime query,

And with this turns we like to live in feeling of love,
And the universe is full of day to day correspondences,
And we are like life, sound and embodiment,
And we paint our endeavor with continuum and sovereignty,
That has attributes and formulae to obey
And we are in worship of love with or without diagram,

And the earth is spreading more sense of love,
In its portrait of earthly existence with the object
Of free offering with love, and great expectations,
And we have to learn it by putting ourselves in divinity.
And we will more with knowledge if we put forward
Our self dedication for love and more with openness, in turn.

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