Saturday, 10 March 2012


You say last March,
You will come back in this March,
And you will get freedom to live in,
With the life that I am waiting for long,
You will remove my loneliness forever,
Model of life living with you will generate
A living pattern with love through generations.

This March, I do not find you here,
And loneliness grips me like weeds,
Still hoping to be with you to respond,
Still I think you will return from absence
And I will make everything normal,
Taking you as virgin in generating love,
With life that has dreams and dawns,
Active with growth, not erring but signaling,
And it has charm with divinity,
It has initiation and location, the love-truth.

This March, I do not find you here,
The loneliness that makes me speechless
And with this I am driving towards location,
Where truth is not truth, falsehood is the truth,
And my life is becoming poorly missing.   

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