Wednesday, 14 March 2012


You are indeed lost, and if I search you,
The total web sites do not find you for me,
You come and talk with me, and then go away,
The talks will remain in mind, but not you,
And I feel something disappointing on me,
As I am not proper to think of me and of my life.

You are indeed lost, in the jungle of life,
As so many souls are there to make you love
For their choice, the design of love that I lost,
And I live in my sad days of life and torments,
And I remember you the day when you sleep
By me, in the next chair, in a theatrical show.

You are indeed lost, in the jungle of love gasping,
As comfort and technology are two twining dignity,
With which we are moving and searching love,
And I have only memory on the day in AC hall,
You sleep beside me thinking me as guard, safe,
For your trust, and I try to be so, as in the trust,

I do not want to thwart your faith in me, and
In the hours of our significant cause, I want
Love to thrive on the shore of life’s momentary stay,
That is the scope to feel love, and on the way,
We will either take voyage either together or separately,
From our recognition wave, on the threshold of waters,

That the earth holds for us to live and let us live in love.  

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