Friday, 2 March 2012


Of life and of my long journey I feel it,
I move around love, yet it is absent or
I feel darkness that fills heart’s desire.
Still I live on these dry pursuits of life,
Being attracted in love, again and again,
And I do not want to travel on crowded joy,
I try to fix love single bound in controlled kind,
And remain living in subordinate to one love,
Thinking one day, she do hear my prayer
From the life that she is now leading here,
And hold me with her spirits of love,
For which I am still waiting in this life,
More likely she may dwell elsewhere.

In every move of my quest of love,
I know about burns and turns,
I know about life and pursuits,
I know about the feeling of a flower
That keeps me destined with this waiting,
This life or after life, desires of  most patrons for love,
The dream, that I cannot tell her, get lost her tracks,
And after questioning me, she disappears,
My quest for love is God’s willing, and her prayer, too.

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