Sunday, 4 March 2012



First Woman

She is poor, and lives in a mud house,
With husband, and two kids.
The family is her throne,
She cannot dance in joyful measures,
She cannot have full sleep in nights,
As always she has to haunt for livelihood,
From the beginning of day to dead of night,
She cannot have one window to décor her mind,
Or can't buy cosmetics for making her body beautiful,
For making her husband seek her charming body.
She wakes up in early morning;
She works hard in all the day,
She has to collect firewood from nearby jungle,
And has to go to village market, and
Sells these to earn some money, in demand
To buy vegetables to maintain livelihood, in all spells, 
In the sun, or in the rain, or in the winter.
Her husband goes out for labor-work in paddy fields,
Owned by Jamindars or by big farms or by landlords,
Or work as contract labor in a labor supply agency or agent,
Or work as labor for building constructions sites,
Or work as labor for warehouse works of big merchants,
Or work as labor in houses of local rich people,
For work, requiring hard labor, that owners cannot perform in time.
And the money he gets is spent only for buying rice,
And meeting the education cost of the kids, too.
The struggle, no respite, throughout all seasons,
And she has to work these while staying either at parents’ house or husband’s,
And she has to breath in firewood smoke, smears and to live in drudgery.


Second Woman

Her sister was sent for higher education and she earned a Ph. D.
But it is bad luck, and a suitable job she does not have,
In a situation, she lives and can't be an angel in the house, whereas
Beneath same sky, her parents cannot afford for eldest daughter's education,
It is world in which she burns, and stays in pain,
Wherein she cannot get schooling, but goes toss of life,
Shares thus she to the world of quicksand,
And moves in a mood that she has no importance in this earth.
Gradually she loses the path of education,
And at the beginning of her teens she enters mature world,
And God has not permitted her to travel at ease,
And she enters the regions of earning,
That is the divisive force to make her life
A symbol of loneliness, and get married
With someone who is not sympathetic to her,
Not holding her in love, or making no adorating charm,
And gradually she falls in dominating arcs by man,
Yet she tries to come out of dismal situation,
Trying to live with small income from 
Her little home stores, arising from making PAPADUM, 
And learns to self pleasing, and permits herself liberated,
And living is to her like a sentencing with amber piece,
And thus she lives to earn  livelihood,
In great struggle, in pain, and holding kids
Within her arms that she gave birth by her husband,
And she has changed her philosophy,
She likes to say, she can help and perform for people in many ways.
She remains to finds a relief to have with imaginary love life.


Third Woman

She has much education than her husband,
She does not want to be lowly respected,
Yet she likes to be loyal and subordinate to him
And tries to hold all household works after duty,
As an executive to a private farm, and yet
There are quarrels on some issues that she
Cannot tolerate over the life to be respondent,
And some commanding comes from him,
That she gets hurt, and likes to reside by courage,
Alone, to have trip with dignity on her choice,
And likes to stay as single woman and lives on
Own income and never dating with the men,
Who may have less degree, but have some
Pleasant personality, speaking not about her,
What she has lost or what she has been forbidden, 
The code she bears in mind that 
Comforts and marital bliss are two objects,
The great crack engulfs her, toiling with life and living,
She is facing with the life that she is now bearing.
Sometimes, she goes in a social web site, and
Makes hang outs with many friends, and
She feels to be a pleasure in her fantasy of mind.



From the time of immortal, I am woman,
God put me some feeling of love for creation,
From the earthly greatness, to spread things
Those are courage for existence, experience, and
Hopeful raising up kids, the language of
Sacrifice, that I have to bear either in marital life,
Or in single life, and I have to share many
Forms dew points of social status or of state status,
Freedom is not my bird’s flying, I have objectives,
I have to learn about freedom that society gives,
And society is close to curtail it on man’s guidance,
Yet I need security and comforts when I bear
The great living soul in my womb for nine months,
The circuit for open heart from all sides,
As this time, I feel some nervousness, although
I am bold enough to carry out it alone
Or society has its helping apparatus all over world,
Yet I am in need of love, care and sympathy
From someone who loves me and cares me
To give birth one baby from one who loves me.

I want to move with hand in hand, with praise of love,
I do obey my liability, with centre of my aim,
Not dominated by men, but raised by a woman,
In the light of living being, with life for sacrifice,
And if I were with my love, I will be more blessed,
With my living in this universe, like dipping
In holy waters of Ganga, an ancient rich river flowing
On the earth, wetting the earth with love and pride,
And I believe in the truth that life is charming
And I hope to live in the flame of all embracing divinity.

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  1. Mr. Paul, you have compassionately and painstakingly captured the plight of women and several profound truths and you have done it beautifully. Thank you for this.