Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Please do not call me in my passion’s name
Whereas you are in success in love and work,
Nothing sweetened I do have as I am in failure,
Lonely I feel to stay in rocky way in tears,
Relief has its way on the storms I have met
And pertaining love is my failure in her tastes
Soothing is absent in the realm of solitudes,
All words of expression have lost visualization,
Sacrifice that I have made is nothing to her,
As mercy is ceased in her love treasure
And I become a closed garden wherein
I am sole living creature in the flame of love,
A self love virtue dwells in my memory.

Learning I do not have how to extract dry leaves,
Experience I do not have how to smell skin,
Motivation I do not have how to feel melting point,
Constant frame I have now to mounting format. 

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