Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Spring morning, cool,
6 o’clock,
Soft sunrays outside,
All tall houses are bright,
Sounds of footsteps coming
One or two passers-by passing,
The road is calm,
Sweeping sound comes,
The housewife of neighboring house
Sweeps the mud corridor, with
Broom made with coconut leaf sticks.
No gap between work and the sunrise,
All are working on own way,
Sounds of cuckoo,
Wave of breeze from south,
Fills the house, cool,
And beneath the sky,
We are moving for life,
Love and symphony of reflections,
Mind, some feeling fills
The nostalgic, yet to work,
For the day, a great attainment,
The life and the love.



  1. Nice poem. Love the visuals and sounds.

  2. bela has left a new comment on your post "SPRING MORNING":

    Nice poem. Love the visuals and sounds.

    Posted by bela to Living with Poetry at 31 March 2012 07:20 (via an e-mail)