Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Mind gets injuries on different ways. And to heal that injury, mind has to create many ways of generations and regenerations, from the body wherein the mind has celestial residing in. And these generation and regeneration s are work fields that the body does make processes to wound healing.   And dramatic changes do occur in creative minds, and human being with this creative mind wants to share their feeling with others, various aspects and processes of wound healing, making them identified on different recognitions, either in family or in society.  And it is also a model performance of human being. I think so.

And this way I have done three poetry books, totally self-published, and two blogs on love poems:

And I follow the style of prose poetry, for expression of my feeling and emotions on the aspects and process of wound healing by the way of many generations and regenerations of senses of feeling and emotions on the walks of my life. 

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