Monday, 12 March 2012


We look through glass pans as windows are fitted with glass shutters,
And we can see shadowy picture of near-by architectural palace,
Our rooms are built with concrete walls, in ordinary structures,
After the struggle we do dream to build house with only ideas,
And we are able to use normal materials, not precious marbles,
We stand on few pebbles; we do collect them by hard labor,
And on our endless forbearance, we dream for valuable things,
Those are available, yet we cannot afford them to be collect.

Our standing depends on reflection on blank verses draping us.

We use colors, red, green, yellow, and their other shades
To be mixed with cement only for glazing the cemented floor, hue up,
And we do not feel tempted to build or collect high valued materials
From our little income, those are available to other new-elite dwellers,
And we are to obey the rule by cutting cost prices by simple glass shutters,
And we are looking through the white glass, no art works engraved,
We hold ourselves as success-story builder, this is pride of common man,
We prefer to live and drive on our own platform, at every searching point,
To have a prop up window for having the branch of evolution,
Thus we live strongly by sharing what we are doing, friends with same stratum.

Relationship between commons and elites relates to supremacy and inferences.

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