Friday, 9 March 2012


If you make yourself free from all worldly and homily engagements, from daily makeover, you will feel a reverse sense and feeling of likes and dislikes alongside. If you keep yourself free from all kinds of bindings, on which you are so long accustomed to live with in all seasons, with beauty therein, you will then live in some solid aspects of love that cannot sprout the love membrane to grow more fruits of love, and you will then seek at least a single slice of lover in outer, inner and edge bounding pathway around your love. And if you then try to live in silence, as if you are trying to lift all support to get lightning of love, you will feel more abandoned and seek one appearance that makes a path for one meddling  that will dictate you to bring forth with love and feeling of touch and density of  liquid like protein cells to go on unrestricted way of love.

The more you play with love and live in senses of devises of love, you will feel revered and auspicious and feeling will grow to more positions and processes moving into love itself.

The more you love, the more you will go through profound loving ambiance. 

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