Friday, 9 March 2012


To stay alone is a struggle with paddling
On waves that are blown in strong semblance,
An induction to the life full of single pathway,
That fills mind to have a solitary scope of love,
In which charm gets signals from own mind,
And living in it is like stimulation on self loving.

Liking to hear the whispers of mind -
It is like to hear the sound of that part of life,
Which comes in dreams and moonlight,
In horizons and firmament of loving,
A destiny of love, not bonded with touch,
It is like a rough signaling, hard gentleness alongside.

Staying alone does not draw heat,
Holding sensitivity is like marooned caress,
Arms are like lying upon island,  forlorn, 
That life can shallow on single expansion.
Labeling someone as own for contribution -
It is like the time that finishes journey, tiresome

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