Thursday, 1 March 2012


Dear mind, how you can think of life, its types and proportions of thinking, with so many pretty presences over my life, that is so many times gets robbed, ebbed, having solitudes, grief, small happiness, fire, burns, testimony, inner and outer insights, major and minor threads of phenomenal thinking of being here, and thinking of getting or give supports to others. When you are supporting life, you give encouragement to the rise of one soul, or sometimes grief gives some pains, yet the great obedience you show towards life. When you see evils, you show the light to be good, and constantly you go with thinking of life, and try to mend the wrong doing, and lead to think in the light of knowledge that is gathered though out this life, and you try to brass out the hazards, that is called characterization of life of one soul.  

Dear mind, how you can variably turn one’s life in variable way of existence, and make differences between good and bad, from all events that come from chain of present or absent bonds that make rings or branches over our life. For the analysis, you draw extracts of cultural growth that unfolds the power of living here as a human being with dominance of feeling in the heart and leads us to live more with identified human being in this universe.  

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