Saturday, 24 March 2012


In the night when I am taking rest in a web page,
In a search, I also looking around the world,
I find her sending me a “Hello.”
It gives me a pleasant moment on the shore,
As if I feel a peace from deadly loneliness,
And she is beautiful when she posted a photo in site,
And I began to say, “Lovely, Lovely, you are a lovely lady.”
She then just says on her wall
“Please be alert and otherwise you will fall.
I am not going anywhere and you can see me always.”
This gives me the peace that
First time I find a woman of beauty
Who wants to talk with me and wants
To know me on the distant path that
Starts today and gets light for coming days,
And my heart gets a lovely feeling
That is inside me and my heart does feel it, 
The romance in the beauty of lovely mind,
She is woman of essence, in my life,
And the sequences she portray, as if
I am waiting for her so long in this window,
And I will ask her name, and know her
At the innermost longing that may hold me
And then go outside of the land where we can sit
And take part smoothing down of love and life,
And I will take her as my own, and
She might take me as her own, and this feeling
Will lead us to stay in love for all the time to hold
Her to the brim of loving spells, and I swear
I will not hurt her while walking on the way of love,
And we will be good partners as I dream it,
And I will kiss her wet lips to feel warm,
And she touches me for loving gestures, 
And it is pleasant to think of her
And she will dwell with me exactly what I want,
And there is enough space on the earth
That can accommodate both of us
Under the great roof of the blue,
And keep us protected forever,
And the life will be peaceful, and lovable
As heavenly bliss will fall upon us.

And the life is another part I do like now
On the way of our liking in autumn feather of love.

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