Saturday, 10 March 2012


Trees are in their flower-blooms and yields,
With tender love and green foliage, and
With the worship of Lord RadhaKrishna,
We move with songs of Rabindranath,
"Ore Bhai Phagun Legechhe Bone Bone..."
(O dear brother, graceful colors touch all the woods...)
And we all dance with gesture of love
With songs, Bhajans,  that fill the earth to hail spring,
So as to give birth of love that is immortal
And it is like showing of love of Lord Krishna
To his beloved, Lord Radha, in this Doljatra.

We all move with hope and songs of love,
In small groups of ten, passing through lanes,
Save what is love, with divine and dance,
And we are all here to witness peace
In colors of love we do spread over
Without foe, exempt from roots of ills,
And we are here to celebrate Holi
In the saga of Radha and Krishna
With all colors of red, green, yellow and more,
In the way of love that we all intend to have,
And we lively throw colors to other crowds,
Who also gather with love and celebrate Holi,
And we are all on the way to address
The love with vibrant colors, with luster
That may bring more love upon this earth,
And at the end we will sit altogether
And eat sweets and goat meat to celebrate it.

Holi, Holi, it is unbound base of love and fun. 


  1. I'm not familiar with the religion or ceremonies but the love and warmth I feel from what you wrote brightens my day.

  2. Hello.
    I've never actually been a part of Holi, but I've seen some wonderful photos this week with lots of color & most importantly laughs...something the world needs more of.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thirsting For Your Love