Thursday, 1 March 2012


She lives single; she wants a real touch in loving,
One feeling brings something about life and existence.
She moves to have some careful living touch
Like unbroken or soluble sublime division
On the way that comes, and she likes to stay some time
With a man who helps her in need having love,
As single living is freedom, not independent of loving and caring,
As she cannot be on the shore of whole nostalgic domain,
And she needs an excess spreading of body or antibody elements
That is likely to the influence the mind that just gets new sharing
With the rising sun and humanly feeling and turns.

She moves with sufficiently graced body and mind,
That all of her friends do prefer to go to the land of mark,
And there lies another source of secretion,
And postulates A compared with postulates B,
She wants to be in sufficient developing agents to love,
That her ex-husband fails to give her, as she is first in loving strains,
The very term the universe does live in an interactions so bounding
With some kind of surface tension,
A physical term that we do always see and feel
Upon this earth and on the shore we do interact
With specific organs’ reaction, therapy more useful in love strategy,
Establishing or reestablishing the insertion or withdrawal of love,
That she feels actively in her charming body and mind,
In her developed using, she is strategic voyager of love and loving,
So she moves with her heart open with youthful introduction.

And strange is the sense of her it is like a sentiment of love
When she reads the command, from her kids on a social web site,
“Mom, we are missing you.”
She feels the urge to get back her kids actively,
And she does not do anything to discuss on uprising or receding of love, 
and immediately returns to love her kids,
More than her mutant Maya, it is life and it is pronunciation of love.


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