Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Love has something sheer contesting,
We fall in love and remain in love,
But red ship is bounding to wave scores,
Mostly favor goes to the best in foreign folds
That may spot a shift waving, and
The navigation may see drifts, uncontrollable.
If love heart fails to read the signals,
And does not care those symbols frayed,
Love passes through sad mod of acid burns.

Wonder glasses may roar in steep wave,
Love is not glass, love can detect, and mind may falter,
Upon the still vague confidence, and
With the time, love heart may lose the spring,
Mind has to travel on void calls, striking on head.
Even deserts have some beauty in love,
And in the situation, love heart has to intimate
Desired relationship, thinking benefits for both partners,
To fill the gap with bridge, to remove wrong paws,
And companion’s merger to be assimilated
Like a humble bee, moving like mutualism in partners
With the love yields, and both to kill ill syndromes
For bringing back the lover’s love to love’s trust,
In the tract of right senses, and in threads of love.

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