Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Love has some bemoaning sheer contest,
We fall in love and remain in love,
But jittering ship is bound to rage of waves,
Mostly liking goes to the best in eyes' folds
That may spot a stormy wave, and
The navigation may drift other way, uncontrollable.
And loving heart fails to read the signals,
Even does not notice those hugging thralls,
And love passes through sad whirls of watery crush.

Wonder glasses break in steamy hot weather,
Love is something else, it can detect, it can sooth,
But sometimes, eyes move in wonder of beaming gestures, 
With the time, living heart moves like lost ship, 
And mind has to travel on void circumstance.
Even deserts have some beauty in love,
And in the situation, loving heart has to intimate and
Desire to build relationship, thinking about both partners,
To fill the gap with bridge, to remove wrong freckles,
And assimilation rushes through them.  
Like a humble bee, moving mutuality in partners

For bringing lover’s love for the shake of love’s trust,
Upon the platform where who is who in other's love. 

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