Saturday, 18 February 2012


Almost we are on the rented house we live in,
Many years we dwell in one room hatchet
And the nature makes us alive in shadow and shine,
And on the earth we never see own house,
A nest to live in, all members are in rented mind.

We know when we are transferred in other places,
And we are habituated to live in fierce bands
With some impulse and law of rented house burns,
We are always on the way of rock and plain,
As if the earth has mercy in bringing us living in air.

In this dizzy pathway, there comes a scope
To look on the heaven’s mercy in granting
A home of mine, a sweet home to the present living,
in a small town; the most of the populace is rich,
And each one has a building in a corporation and urban town.

I was very delighted when I first see my ownership deed,
That has motion, and some impulse
To live in settled parlance where I can live,
With objects of love, not thinking only,
But we do have possession of  one home of our won.

Shine is in my mind, my wife in simply quiet,
To think about the home that we do enjoy
With pleasure, not it is a mansion, but a home
May it be two rooms, with other amenities
Like bedroom, free air to pass through windows,
A dinning space, a latrine and one verandah.

Those days, we were all supportive to each other,
As if we were to feel joy on the building site,
In rain, in winter, in summer, the phases it takes,
To build my home for nine months, loan installments
Are sanctioned stage by stages, and time to time.

Lastly one storied house has been built,
It is now a dwelling place of mine in family sequence,
We live here peacefully, either in rain, or other seasons,
We may share in these harmonies, the sweet home,
On the ground we are living, economics is great.

All members of family now live together,
As if we are living in whispers of life and love,
In the sense of motion, in existence,
We have not to wander about, as we did it earlier.
And vital feeling of delight brings us magical powers.

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