Monday, 27 February 2012


When you talk with me
Your words cool me
And you become my love lady.
When I want to touch you
You only smile
And you give me a hug
And we are living thousand miles away,
And we are on a computer screen
And I get a birth as if I am dynamic
To conquer my love in web search
And try to become captive of my lover.

I cannot see you face to face
I have a great desire to meet you sometime,
As I have no wings to go to you to sit close by you
Side by side, and then keep my head
On your bosom and you cannot say no,
And I hear your sweet voice, your eyes, your lips,
Your breasts, sound of your heart beats,
Your body odor and your secrets of love,
And everything a woman posses I do feel it,
In feeling of love, around your charms,
And dance like a male butterfly to pick your smile.
As if you are darling in the realm of love and passionate surprise.

I rise my eyes to your eyes,
As if you are my immortal sky,
As if you are my angel triumphs moving like free ion
Into my heart and I am your greatness in your heart. . 

Dear lover, how do I define my love to you, dear?

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