Tuesday, 28 February 2012


She promises she will not break her swears
She will stay at the web address page
That he knows, and finds her always at call
And he talks and sets the relationship as terms of vow.

The swear that she makes is full of trust,
As traits are not chosen for testing elsewhere
The air of new knowing goes with imagination
As they cannot meet in persons on the scene.

He grows a passion for her at a speed,
He believes what she says in typed words,
Its meaning is like gist of morality,
And he wants to live on this eternity.

He does not know the race that goes here
Old thinking goes like ancient orchard
And life has a speed like ions in a nucleus,
Selection is now a speedy burn, test and run.

He does not find her for a long time,
He does not convince himself about new parting,
That does not pull him as his right to conformity,
It is newness for him to digest parting is rampant.

Being caught in the damning terms of neglect,
He wants to search his loved one on briskly on webs ,
And it is like a small thing in vast traffic, to find
Indiscriminately someone familiar, to be traced.

He blankly tries to find the cause of her disappearance, 
Under schedules of selecting and parting in deadened tally,
And when he finds her in another new surface,
Her voice raised in new heights as saying, 
“You cannot create your own fate. You can't bind me.” 

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