Friday, 24 February 2012


The acid test is true, farewell to the loving bondage,
The major or sole loving partner is cool to observe it,
The love playing no longer, and yields to be single,
Not liking to be in bosom, love has additions for many,
Many years that passed for these realizations,
And the participation collapsed, since one of the partner
Leaves the observed field of love, and desires
To walk on favorite field, and separation is occurred.

The either bird has a choice of other requirements,
Where presence of love can afford satisfaction on acid test,
And the contrast is there, even melody does charm
Full requirements that bring sweet love acid pass
On a turf of acid test, mingle with loving products
Those are stimulant to feel and muse in the love pattern,
And relationship is less durable and slips into oblivion,
Greater concern being on the living on enjoying throne. 

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