Saturday, 18 February 2012


Once you come with your body and mind,
Once you comment on your page silently,
Once you pay something in sweet kissing,
Once you dwell in me like flame of loving.

I have to move on the way of attractions,
I have to whisper on the shore of senses,
I have to receive the love you give me thence,
I have to mingle with your womanly charms.

I did say then you are mine in this world,
I did make a dating response in your bosom,
I did it on my way of feeling and touch,
I did find you are with me in flooded stains.

That time you were like an emblem of beauty,
That time you were like heartfelt folds of love,
I were vehemently searching deep energy, and
The life now is sweeping past of love you left behind. 

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