Saturday, 4 February 2012


I want to sit under a tree
That gives love rewards,
With my grown up body,
Through a matured thinking
Over the consumes of love,
And offerings are in my mind,
In man and woman relationship,
Witness is our soul’s creation
With time and nourishment of
Worldly experience with lover,
With a fashion marked with
Assimilation and speeches, 
Promises and applications
Of direct and redirect hosts and invitees
To form bondage of eternal and
Greatness of love in periods and
Sensational arousal of binding up.

I want to sit before a beauty of grace
That can bring victory with love,
Through magical power of light
With seeds and tree form of guidance,
In generations and its faith in soil
That appears in greatness
Between the earth and the heaven
Where we do assemble to love,
Sucked in greatly distributive sink,
That is the birth of another outcome
Form our love and man-woman relationship.

I am the sense one in the love treasure,
With the manly whispers of love.

1 comment:

  1. Greatness of love......That can bring victory with love,
    Through magical power of light..........excellent my sweet poet Asim ........!!!!!