Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Hrish has some conversation with a lady in a social web site. When he heard of her liking of another friend, in the same web site, he feels wild, and events around him are changed to see the break of continuity of flow of talking, and he becomes a typical man, yet a good feeling of love has occurred in him, and keeps himself cool.  And he does not like to talk much with his wife, as his wife becomes some kind of unnoticed mood of interest about her husband, and she likes to be absorbed in own works at home.

Hrish is a little grown up man than his wife, both being middle aged, and they perform strait living in a married life for twenty five years. They have a son who also gets married, and the family is in smooth condition of life and familial life with no excitement. His wife is so absorbed in domestic work that she has hardly any time to talk with her husband, besides being eager to look after this adult boy to take meals, works, dresses, sleeps, and social binding works in proper way. And there grows a gap between them, yet they live with a happy smiling on their lips. Hrish does not think of the work in the domestic front, as he was most of the time living in outside home in a distant town for earning money.

Hrish feels living like staying in a frying pan, in the feeling of love, and his wife also becomes domestic workhouse, which revolves round his work culture, and a gap is created in the deep contention, a dry route of passage is built while walking through green paddy fields, a feeling of loneliness, that grows very deeply inside both minds, and this gap cannot be seen from outside.  This way they passed many years in the shade of dry madness of love between husband and wife. Then Hrish comes in a social web site, and in the form of friendship, he makes expressions of his feeling, that, in normal way, shows some kind of soft corner of intent, and new lady friend also wants a greater longing of  gladness, as she feels the loneliness in absence of her husband’s maturity, because she never likes his mediocre personality, although her husband is a very progressive minded man having a substantial pay package.  And she thinks her husband feels the snow beneath which cool water is flowing that does not resemblance to her condition, and automatically the talking times with the new friend grows more than what was earlier.  

Hrish one day finds himself in a tizzy when his lady friend does not reply to his first greeting word, “Hello.”

Right to the surprise, he just makes a sound of words, “You move like a pirate. You do not respond me, and you look different.”

But there is no answer, and from the wall of her appearance with signals of green dot on her name, it indicates she is present in the talking zone, and after a few  minutes, she left, and he reconciles awkward. And his words typed become funny, and have no listeners.

Hrish becomes puzzled with such behavior of his lady friend who is so long a single lady to say something of his untold stories of the day, and she also finds some moments of hot discussions that brings her some gladness.

Moments after some words come out from the talking zone,
“Do not worry. I will talk you later on. I am busy now, as my old friend with kind heart and colorful desires calls me to yield in his grace. I have some talks with him now today. Tomorrow I will with you.”

Hrish just writes some words, “Oh! It is ridiculous. I thought I was your guy.” 

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