Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I have to put a noble charge
On the burning sphere,
That clearly takes some moments
Away from cool bear,
And all my night
I stay on my keyboard to search her out,
And engage myself to send messages,
On her house, her cell phone,
On the streets, on the green meadow,
On the service shop,
But I cannot send her
The actual message to express my love,
And it is my agony
To find her in the vast internet jungle,
And in the wild testimony,
She cannot come, it is sure,
As she has no love for me,
She is fairest of loveliness of love,
And it is her advantage to be
In all friendship in the web search,
I may be in desert,
It is not her concern, 
A familiar way in progress to ignore,
And to wipe out of concealed heart.

Each morning, each evening, each night,
Every thinking that takes her in conversation,
Turns waste bill to hold love,                                                                 
And I decided to live
At a place where lives no woman to be mine
Or roam with me in the love world,
And I want to be alive in debt-free world of love,
A calm journey in the quiet world,
Weighing no woman link
And I do not feel debt of love with her pattern,
And I am only targets for wild charge,
As if I am the lesser known in the freedom of love,
And my boredom begins with me like forlorn arch,
That noble priests of love can hardly mend the path.

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  1. hopefully, you can get what you wish for,
    best regards.