Monday, 6 February 2012


I do not find her
For a few days last.
I think she is now
A bird to travel
Around the earth
And around the minds,
Wandering ways
Of life outside sight.
Everyone sees her
Folks on web reports.
But I cannot see her,
It is my destiny,
As it is clear vision,
When I mingle with
The love talk fantasy.

It is a delusion,
Endless pain formed.
I asses the wrong.
Creek beneath love
Dries out in the sun,
Before I can suck.
Darkness all-around,
I am like an infant,
Tiding over a search
For a loved one, firm.
Warm embrace goes
Tumult, unheard,
And in the past,
I cover her march,
For seeking love
In my embrace tuned.

Now my voice chocked,
Milking solace drowned.

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