Thursday, 2 February 2012


A woman, much younger than me,
Almost a blonde, single on her way,
Her mind, a singing of love and life,
I love her, an entering episode of wings
In love regulation, a dream partner,
A life’s wave, she comes in me,
As lover of lovely love of breathing,
In my body, in my mind, in my transcription.

I gather myself in her influence,
I love her as if I am her teen’s love,
And she dwells in me many ways,
And for her seashore sequence of reflection,
I feel sensation and pleasure
At her fingertips, a specific gift of love,
Within universally present sweet mechanism
Combined with devotion of love, divine.

I recommend her a gift on Valentine’s Day,
A cubic denser contact that gives laugh, happiness
And pleasure in the life of our golden feeling of love. 

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