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A respect with love

One lady friend of Facebook  gives me greetings at the very beginning of writing  my love poems, when I started writing on LOVE, and that time I started blogging at wordpress.com.  And I cannot make this blog site to full (.)com site or upgrade it for my financial constraints and  other reasons.

and now I started writing in a new blog at

Here is the first acquaintance with her:


My New Friend and Brother Asim

Peace and Blessings to All,  John Sapp and 7 others

I am not the type of face book user that goes around "match making" potential friendships. recently I met Asim through a poets and writers page. It really is my honor to "share" him with you and his work. If you never take the time to read this then you will not see the beautiful words that I have been blessed to read. Thank you for accepting his friendship, and May the Master of the Universe, our Mighty God increase your blessings and help you fulfill all of your personal and professional dreams. Amen


please check out this link Asim’s poems 

Your sister in this life and the hereafter
It is morning my wife make me awake before the time of awaking and I have to buy a little Prasad from bazaar as she has to offer a little PUJA (prayer) before crowd jolts in the Mandir. - “Think first how you pass your time this day.” She said. - “I will not read newspaper this morning, enjoy no TV

The blue sky and the earth’s web page
And the sweet tuned heartfelt wave surge,
In fairy realm of knowing people over the earth,
As I gain some feeling while talking with her,
The speedy revelations on the talks
We are on the journey in the crossing terms,
She comes very rarely to talk with me over joy,
The first lady to be my one charm
On the talking sequence of sympathy,
And we take part over new levels outer.

-“Hello, my dear, what are you thinking of?”
I say

-“I am thinking of myself, not of you,
You are my dearest friend.”
She says, and continues:
-“Now listen to me:
Yesterday was Mother’s Day,
And I have a trip to another city Wednesday,
And then again Saturday,
And in this I have to save some money,
Here gas is very, very expensive now,
And I asked my daughter to hold some of the money.”

-“Here gas is expensive, too.” I say,

-“She spent money buying me a card and balloons.
I appreciate the gesture,
But we can’t afford this stuff,
So I just found that out today.
Also yesterday my sister had a picture of mine in her house,
My mother had given me some things from Africa,
I was conceived there,
My sister born there
When I let her know that was my picture,
She got upset,
And in the end I just told her to keep it
I am not going to fight for material things
Let it all burn down,
I wouldn’t rescue a single item in a fire,
But it is frustrating her entitlement to things
I should just try to relax
My teeth hurt
My jaw is tight
And I need to relax.”


-“Tonight I will go to a meditation class.”

-“Yes, Go there
I take my meditation on my own.”

–“I will.”

–“Yes, You do that.”

–“Do you think I am being ridiculous.”


-“Normally I go with the flow,
I just wish that my daughter would have asked me
Before spending the money.”


–“It spoils the surprise.”

–“Yes, I feel,
I have had many times such experience in my life,
It is common as common thing that matters to me.”

–“I have to take my son to school,
And I will be right back”
I learn to think this, too,
I am happy with you, you are listening to me.”

Prepare for your kid
And go there
With your son, my dear lady friend.”

–“Will you wait for me?”

-“I’m back.”


  -“So what shall we talk about,
  I want you to read a poem for me today
  It is called Phenomenal Woman by
  Maya Angelou
  Will you do this for me?”

-“I have read the poem; it is a famous poem.”

-“I love Maya Angelou and her poems.”

-“Yes, I do also respect her and her poems,
Of  your life, and childhood
Just think yourself:
‘I can do only what I can do’-status, darling.”

-“My dear young man,
What you say is great to me.
Already I have done what I have done”

-“Darling, I am old man of age 60.”

-“Don’t say so, don’t be negative, when you say you are old,
It sounds comical to me, it hurts me.”

-“Good, then please write a poem for me.”

-“My Poem:

If Only
even when I was a young girl
and I look into your eyes
I know what you were thinking then
it was two words:
if only

if only I could be seen and not heard
if only I didn’t ask so many questions
if only I shut my mouth
and opened up my ears
if only I was not me
if only I was you
growing up I kissed so many frogs
hoping they didn’t see all the pain
but I needed love so much I was a boa constrictor
and suffocated them to death
and then I was alone thinking about two words that haunted me:
if only
if only I was attractive
if only I was skinny
if only I didn’t talk so loud
if only I could just be more like you
if only I was normal:
if only

then one day in February I offered up all my only because I couldn’t take another, if only
and then the frog turned into my king
and he said two words
if only
if only you saw me just the way that I see you
if only you know that I was here waiting
if only you had given all this too many years ago
if only you knew I loved you

and then he breathed the only blessing that I needed
and he gave me my children
and I understood his unconditional love when I looked at my children’s eyes
and I never said, if only
but if I dreamed to say these words about my kids
it would be just one wish in two words:
if only
if only these days lasted forever
if only they could be better than me
if only they didn’t worry about me dying
if only they knew they have my heart for eternity
and if one day we should separate I don’t go willingly
and they can take my heart and put it in their pocket
and save it if they say if only mom was here…….
Now try to finish the sentence.” -- Copy rights © Suzanne Davis

-“Who will it finish? Me?”

-“O, I have to take classes
To make you know how to write a poem.”

-“Well, it will be a great teaching
You have written a beautiful poem, and I love it,.”

-“Dear friend,
I have many works today,
As single parenting has lot of duties, 
I am leaving now. ttk Thanks.”

She logs off the computer. 

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  1. Friendship is a beautiful thing that we share Janu......You honor us very well...peace and blessings to you always..and the ones you love.Suzy Davis