Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I like her saying: “…Life is way too short to live it through greed so on  saying all that we have said you and your wife must live life through life and learn to love each other again and spend more time talking and listening to one another and you will see that life will be so much pleasing to the eyes and smell, touch, and taste….” – Poetess Alfreda Ghee. 

I am taking rest
And in a social web site,
I am trying to get
Some freedom from
Loneliness effortlessly.

Then she comes,
And says, “How are you?”

I only reply,
-“My rivalry is my loneliness.”

-“Have you liked someone?”
She softly says
As if she is in search
Of my deep sense of love.
She says again,
-“Do not worry,
A break gives happiness,
Our inner side wants this.”

In the cloud of my quest,
She says like a sage,
Her words sound nearer,
And I reply,
-“I like someone,
She is absent for days,
She has sent a message
To write a gratitude list.”

-“Good, just put some words
To make her know on,
The power of the earth
The power of the moon
The power of the heart
And send them with a kiss.”
She replies.

-“I can do that,
I am thinking on this,
Myself does not make me
A darling to my wife
I have a son,
Yet I feel loneliness
And I try to seek love
With a woman behind
With longing and whispers,
Open on both sides,
She can share and desire,
And I can tell her everything.
Perhaps I cannot rediscover me.”
I say, and continue,
-“Can I ask a question?
Do you not angry with me?”

-“No, I do not get hurt
Or I do not angry with you,
Tell me dear friend.”
She replies.

-“Do you feel loneliness
On your way as a single woman?”
I say.

-“Yes, I get this feeling,
Many times, and then
I try to feel my two kids,
And when I see them
With my heart as mom
That makes me work hard
All day long, with energy.
I cannot do wrong to me or to them.”
She replies.

-“It is parental duty,
Lonely busy mother,
A fair primal feeling it is.”
I say.

When the earth goes
With the singing of love,
Various colors
Will give her a sentiment
Not to confront
But with bright conformity,  
To perform the duty
Founding stone to adore
The sentiment arose
With muses of emotions.

-“Do your kids help you?”
I say.

-“Yes, the eldest does help.”

-“Do you feel a wider gap
To have a smoothing way
For a male participation
To come on your side?”
I say.

-“Yes, then I get
Philosophic mind,
Through my path right now
God has blessings on me,
And God is with me, and
I think I am better than
The person who has nothing,
As I have minimum necessities.
On the second way,
I am happy considering,
There are persons
Who are happy,
Without having anything
To declare as own assets,
Yet they are enjoying everything,
And their life is beautiful.
I cannot change my world.”
She replies, and continues,
-“I can understand your feeling,
I have felt that before,
And you have to find
Your way, not to feel lonely.
Please open your mind
To your wife and talk
About the way you feel.
You and your wife
Have to live a life
With learning each other,
And you will see
Life is pleasing
To the eyes, smell, touch and taste.
Please open your mind to your wife.”

Before I can say something she logs off computer. 

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  1. AWWWWWW this is awesome Asim... I so loved this poem... You have made my day with this..