Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I meet you on the screen,
through messages and talks on words,
It is full of love, and sucking desire,
“Dear Friend, you are my love.”
The first word I put on the screen,
You just smile and give some tips,
I feel a sound on my shoulders,
Warm and sensing touch,
I feel it to be your breathing,
As if you wake up in early morning
To greet me in kisses and hugs,
The very gift of love and flowering choice,
Where we are both swimming across
Desires of love stream
Over ages,  again and again.

And you then change your profile picture,
That I first see the beauty you share,
Like moonlight on the waves of the sea,
Gleaming in reflections, and blooming love.
It is a red rose on the face charming,
Your forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin
Are in full content of fairy dream,
I love it, that I declare therein,
You just put words,
“You are welcome, my darling.”
As if your beauty sings songs of passion,
And I am feeling the sun in my heart,
That glows like burning hydrogen molecules,
The very model of love and rejoicing,
As if we are moving in an imagination,
That turns to a reality, as in an orchard,
Where we do step in and open our hearts for loving.

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