Thursday, 16 February 2012


We are we who make friendship on three:
We go into the requests, one’s information, one’s photos,
We do inquire common source of friendship,
And we stop on the threshold
Forming atmosphere on mind’s radiation,
Beams of love, some rays do open the mind,
And we feel we are the next kin,
We are to generate nuclides, friends and friendship,
Like ancient mariners.
At the stoppage we like to drop the anchor,
And just say Hello as if we find the shore,
And we hold our ships on the relatively likes,
And we do comment on fission,
And we listen like we are homily in threads
Of life and source of profound treads,
And we are on current talks
We use affix templates for talking,
We do not contaminate friendship feelings.

A new generation supplies are occurrences, we do enjoy.
We are we who make friendship
Like ancient mariners, on diverse brews,
On variant moods, on various shores,
As if we land on the coast,
On the countries’ limitations,
We are in a vision, like decoding boundary of a nation,
We feel cheered, we feel greeted,
We are moderated, we are accepted,
We are navigated, we are charmed.
We are going to places on the guidance of
The lighthouse that is our internet circles.

The move comes up on the way,
We are making a long distance friendship,
We do review of our likes,
We do purge to make more development
On shore of landed zeal like walking on the shore,
And we are prone to feel talking embrace
We pass moment after moment, minutes to hours,
We may be in wrong choosing of friendship,
Thus on the wave of internet population,
We are like ancient mariner,
With specifications of knowledge,
Bringing forwardness over wings of love,
Treads of angel's prints wonder with mist,
We do dwell on this hemisphere
Solitude does come, yet we travel
With children and immunization,
That part of it may be dismal,
Yet the children likes the signature, the internet,
Shape the world in new terms,
We do accustomed to commission or omission,
That we create, but we do boldly hold
Contacts and declaring friendship not terminated,
A new era of love and fair trails of flow,
In moving from all directions,
We are in the East, the West, the North, the South,
With good sequences and
In good presence with photos and flowers,
We move with potential rapidity,
We can serve glimmering vectors,
Whose term line calls can be read,
And be applied in mind with imagination,
Over our life with moon-light delight,
We are good copying to send sharing messages,
We can add own thinking and creations over,
From friends, or to the friends,
A shot to the individual feeling
In a movement of ancient Albatross.

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