Friday, 10 February 2012


We are generally upset over our gains, as we many times find we do not get what we want, and many times we are blown up with some pattern of toxic scraps, we are obliged to agree with these items for staying in harmony, as the change is not cool or pretty belonging, and we are thus living in tear up ions of love and destiny.

The change is a typical phenomenon to deal with or we do move in mysterious ways, and all are wonders of our earth, like presence of metals in rocks or soils or waters or the atmosphere.

We move in our society, on our roads of perseverance, and we are like mines, to deal with ourselves, our minds, our neighbors, our symphony to live altogether, and we try to hold never-failing system in which we do live and get our desired desire.

We are living in gladness, pains, failures, system of bondage, propagandas, demands, seeking better quality of life, and these are some leaves that may move in weather, in our motto and propagated promises, and such promises many times get setback and lead to terminative conclusions.

Our focus and bright thoughts are many times are elements of great concern, then we try to reach at a point to get a free and solemn work culture, free from manipulation, but we do not conquer greed and anger, and we are sometimes feel agony and pain, too, to feel the notoriety of those ill overcasts, as if we are living in burning waste vat and we have no honor as we are simple to think simple, to know us in simple way. Sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are living in a funny farm, sometimes we are in intensive pain to show intensive purge of ourselves.

Thus we are dwelling in this world, three dimensional postulates, surrounding world, visible world and spiritual world, and above is the love world that is the foundation, that requires more providence and grace. 

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