Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Now capacity has limitations to know the truth,
how to know or no scope to know is the question,
or we are like a squirrel hopping around the core,
the earth suffers the gap in the water pathway,
I am the tiny bubble in the sounds of creation
and has nothing to verify the love bond I trust.

I do better walk with the barrier passed by
instead of cost searching, better I trust my love,
single hesitance will reflect my failure
and I may single one to live in the lover's role,
I do better localize my weakness defects,
I do better specify my regions of neglect,
It is better than knowing lover's change
in the heart of love and choice of sequences.

Saving me is the protection of my soul's search
with this in mind, I do travel with love in deference,
I will form clone of my own way to treat wounds away. .

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