Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Of our talks we are in obedient circles,
to form intimate terms in our world of cards
to hold long years on wellness and woes,
where we last show king and queen in chance
of our semblance of love and first seeds right,
and you a woman keep silence over my talks,
and a long way passed in the outright surge
beginning how heaven blessed us on our foots
to work both ways of longing and treating
in the flow of love round the clock effortlessly.

Of talks, an importance carries our souls
to chase a web page through our searches,
where good lives can dwell in happiness,
and lasting relationship does exist to live with,
with the pattern of lovely surrounding voices,
you and me, across lightning fever of love,
that keeps us in  lightened house, fire-brand,
it is towards free desires to get accomplished,
like angles having source of values and merriment.  

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  1. Thank you fore coming by my place you are always welcome, and thank you for sharing this...