Monday, 13 February 2012


Valentine’s Day, I had not heard it when I was young. The love and the partner were secrets of our mind’s journey. I have had no sharing of talks with girls in old days. And my first meeting with a lady was occurred in my time of maturity. I had many friends, but no woman friend in my time of feeling love and share something romantic. And all were my male friends. I felt blush if I heard the word pregnancy that time. And going with a girls friend was then a mystery or act of inconvenient zeal. This time I am in search of those days of past and I feel it like checking up my mind in the test of tender feeling of love of those days. In my cell boundary I was then a good boy of the locality, and talking with girls was mare fantasy in the sense that I had to receive first knowing about one girl’s acquaintance either in the village or in the school or private tutor’s corridor.  Even if there was exchange of glances with any girl in my college days, I learnt to think her as woman of respect and I had to live on a reminder of restrained zeal inside, and I had wishes to talk with her. But I was shy on my part; I remember it now; and I had no chance to know what a young woman of my age did think about me. And free travelling with once choice of graceful lover was my dream then.

Strange was the feeling then that talking with girls was like feeling of guilt in my school days, and I never heard of pregnancy test that time or any woman having done them. And young women when I saw on the college corridor, or in class, were my search how they smile, talk, ventilates love smears upon their boy friends’ body and mind. Out of forty students in class, two class mates had had love affairs with two girls of the same class. They went jointly to a movie show, and that was the limit of my knowing about love.

 I have not heard about Valentine’s Day forty years back.  

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