Sunday, 26 February 2012


Have you shed tears for your lover?
I have shade tears many times,
I cannot turn my face away from my lover.
My lover does it at very ease, without pain, 
And the logic is that possessing love is one,
And holding a lover in bosom is another.

Love is genuine, and its presence is felt multiple ways, 
As it seems to be unique way of expression for lovers of love,
While over expectation comes in natural way,
Gilded in many terms of love in its sequences,
And a customer’s care perception may not occur
As fear dwindles in love, quest for delicacy runs numerous.

The way we are moving in one sense of love is secret, 
The falling in love on many occasions is absorbed attraction.
Just you feel it, and then pertain it, and if not attracted, leave it,
The temple is elsewhere, you may stay there,
Or you may think it other way and test that sense,
Life is full of pleasure, and that is inexhaustible in love.  

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