Sunday, 19 February 2012


She describes the earth with love,
With more proceeds and herald of scope,
When she talks I feel a charm,
That rolls down my body and mind,
And I love her as if she is mine,
And a gift of love on beloved friend.

She assures me in her charming e-mails:

1.      You are my love and it is growing fast.
2.      You are my love composition and condition
3.      You are my closely related romance,
4.      You are angry sometimes, yet you have a good mind
5.      You are my speculation process for love rhyme
6.      You  are my awakening form of love

I invite her to form a bonding
With her female mussels with my manly greetings,
Wherein we are divine in getting love rhyme,
Talking marvelously on our pathway of love,
Starting from season’s best period of a life span,
And I know she has to receive my calls
And she does it with her sweet invite rolls,
Our special form of reasons and believes,
Where we are only sensible partners.
It fills our minds with truth, a bright blues,
And I began to think it is not for neglect,
But to form a model love upon the earth,
It will stand at a parameter that youths desire,
I try to leave no variation on our love piloting
Over her pretty loving face and heart,
In expressions on our love lore together,
And I say, “What I do, I do to love you dear,
To make you a model love to light the earth.”

There comes a stage to evaluate degree of love,
I want to take her in my love lore forever,
That all gentle lovers do admire our love truth,
And we become symbol of knowing love devotion,
an example of living in beautiful world of love peruses,
Then come a hapless answer from her e-mails,
Love is a session and an attraction, beyond explanation,
Grilling someone in love lightning is short time pursuits.

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