Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Rain, rain, more rain, I do love rain,
Drop, drop, more drops of rain do send
A comfortable staying in love and rain.
Time, time, more time, rain will fill the earth,
With humble allowance, that supply more love
For the earth where we live in pain,
Rain, rain, more rain, I do love rain.

She goes, studding in private tutor’s home
She reads, takes notes, prepares for class ten,
Good deeds she serves on the shore
That is filled with sweet breeze in cloudy sky.
Pray, pray, more do I pray for rain,
That will bring comfort if I do meet her
In rain, in drops of rain, we do feel love,
Sweet love, it is love in rain, over generations.

I go out, find out the shelter under plastic shade,
And from that position, I want to see
Her beauty, in drops of water on petals
That holds the blooming of lotus.
And slips over the watery life, sequences,
I am eager to live on her sights
All the time from my home to this life,
I do not want cellular life,
I want life of designed way of sacrifice,
And I am in love with sensation,
And for the reason, I stay in shades
Of a pan shop near road side,
To see her, to walk with her,
In permeable of sense of life and love. 

Waiting, more waiting, sweet waiting,
Lastly she comes out with frequent looking,
And I run to her to greet her,
She opens her umbrella in rain,
And says, “Please come in. Do not get wet in rain.”

Note: This is an unedited piece of writing, based
        on only emotions and wording as they come in mind. 

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