Friday, 24 February 2012


We heard nebular cloud of dust
And gas when began compact,
It began to form planet of earth,
With heat, and then when cool,
Crust was formed, with a burning core,
Rocky surface, it is solitary region
Of our living density, we do dwell
In the wide scope of environment,
Sweetest things we belong to.

We see beauty upon this earth,
So many fairy tales we perceive,
We pass through cold or stormy nights,
Or tsunami or volcano or earthquake -
All are aftermath of our existence
That we bear in mind and live thus.
The celestial clock just strikes time
To notice the earth that we are here,
To know the reality of our breathing,
Of our source of fire, and its luster,
And we glow with our love
That goes with moon’s delight,
Snapped in our mind, with devotion,
That we learn to hold our breathing
To fathom the solid strikes of power
That we are wandering upon the earth.

Either bitter or sweeter,
Either rough or smooth,
Either love or hate,
Either blessed or aggrieved,
We have the right to live
Being younger or older
With singing songs of love,
We posses that magical entity,
In love, bringing track of loveliness and beauty.


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