Thursday, 23 February 2012


The deliberate significance is that I am still fighting with the wits of the woman who comes in my early life at my teens, and the woman who thinks she is the greatest ornament in the field of love, and has the more life and values than mine, and I am just a poor receiver for her leisure time, although living in one home of love. And when she has not found an emblem of her lover in perfect tense she becomes a free romantic woman to choose me as an episode for the game of love, as I cannot say no to any appearance of a stranger who, I know, has great swinging for me, and has the choice of passing time in friendship, and it comes in my mind when I talk with her.   

I feel tiresome when I see negativity,
I feel life is not simple as I think it,
I feel life is respectful if I do love rightly,
I feel life has bliss if I have done duty truly.

I know the woman is playing with me in her leisure time, since my teens, as she does need a moral boost to feel that she has beauty to be sweetheart of the world, even if  many friends are praising her in notes, in likes, in comments, and the number of friends will cover at least in thousands in number. And she says she puts some time for me, as I am her partner in an imaginary or fictional world of love and she likes to be with me for some time, and some says it is her creative sensational passage, and no selfishness  does occur in her talking with me, and I know it is a camouflage of the secrets of consolation as I am the one man in her teens too, and so I am her concessions of life and allowance to dwell in. And she greets all her friends in her list of likings, and cheers them, and sometimes she is a performer on appearance to show the truth that she is favorite choice to all her followers, and maybe she is prone to love them and respect them.

I can present me in my way of thinking,
I can trust everyone on the shore of love,
I think the earth has common in connection
That is the source to condole a broken heart
I cannot travel in number game as I am single.
I can think single space having some clarity,
For which we all are searching in our life
To bring something like happiness in this birth,
Yet we cannot settle the source we do not recognize.

It is hilarious work for me to say no to any approach,  and to say something odd to the woman who just does come to feel the necessity for the time being, as I can perhaps evaluate all the propriety of the woman if she has the feeling of privilege of worthy woman, loving seeker, and mad for love she wants to have with now and forever, she wants to continue of her talking about man, and that man does want to have with woman, in the field of testing ground that is the path of all existing love essentials to the man.

This is the life I do bear since my teens.

I am saying about a common man like me, and about a man who has no celebrity identity, and he has a sweet mind to judge his love essentials, and very considerate and sympathetic to madness of love,  and do not put the door a bang before an approaching mind that is very eager to hear him for the time being, whatever may it be vague in the behavior of the prettier soul of my loved one, as I think it is his love, and may be it her whimsical pattern of showing love towards him and he cannot say no to any fictional or imaginary approach of love even if he knows she is bullying him to the frame in the name of love.

I like everything that comes in my life,
I like the course that is not desirable to me,
And it is  happening to me to be tested upon sacrificing,
I like to be a human being in the core of my heart,
I like to bring peace, and
I like to form the distant or near loving lineage,
I like to stay on my way, either neglected or valued,
I think it is my destiny, a situation in terms of divinity.
I think all loving greatness are cherished by shadowy loving sufferings.

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  1. Comments in Facebook on 23.02.2012 by Anita Ryan Cosgrave:
    Anita Ryan Cosgrave amazing read and insight asim .. fascinating ... the last verse is truly a classic .. my fave line .. I cannot travel in number game as I am single... brilliant