Sunday, 25 March 2012


I am tagged to a beautiful poem,
And it contains a chain of poems
Written by a group of poets,
And there I find beauty of love
In women who are impulse of love
And aesthetic longing and full of knowledge,
The words put a good and lovely expression,
That contains pain, gladness, wellbeing, love,
Of women, in the turn of the earth’s abiding laws,
That we have to accept and moderate and honor,
For our existence and sovereign aspects,
And then I comment on the comment column,
“Women are beauty of the world, women are gentle
Like flowing of brook upon this world, women are
Tranquil and great promises for adoration with love,
I admire beauty of women. I love it.”

I find like button is pressed many times,
With one comment, “Thanks my dear friend.”

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