Friday, 16 March 2012


It the time of spring,
Of feeling love and sing,
Besides rice, bread, fish,
The daily wave of continuity,
And with this time
We all move in the sea
As if we are sojourners
In the life and love rides,

And here we enter the eternity,
That brings us life of happiness,
On the heart’s freedom
We like to move into meets,
With flowering beauty
In teens’ skirt and knees,
With hands sweet difference,
That fills sense and heart,
The life comes in
In the Bay of Bengal,
For traveling away from home,
A sweet place to live 
In life and in hearts’ meet,
In sun rises and in sun sets,
With veins in longing love,
With chirping of birds,
With tides of sea,
With blooms of flowers,
And we are rich
In love of divinity
And we thus hold happiness,
And peace in love, lovely moonlight.

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