Thursday, 15 March 2012


He is crying with little eyes
Filled with tears,
His mother is working
And chants songs
Form a little distance.

He is not in mood
To hear music or whispering
Of love rhymes
And cries all along,
Throwing little hands and feet
Over air, moving small body
On his single tiny bed,
And his crying fills the air,
With the urge to be with him,
And everything to be turned on his side.

His mom comes running,
With hands rubbing in towel,
So as to keep her water soaked hands dry,
And takes hastily the baby,
And gives breast feeding,
And the baby sleeps down.

His mom does not let him down
On the tiny bed, and
Sits instantly as she is feeding the baby,
And looks deeply on innocent baby face
With love and care,
With violet mind to feel the density,
That mother heart wants to fill heart
With love, dripped drop by drop,
Like water filling the empty bowl
That is kept for filling with love,
And motherhood is the divinity,
That she wants to feel
On worldly wave of heavenly world. 


  1. What a delightfully penned post! Motherhood sure is divinty!
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