Friday, 23 March 2012


He says he has a mind of his own
He has a lover who is primarily selective,
And she occupies his heart as he feels it to be loved. 

He has noticed it after he gets married,
He becomes an image enveloped as non-existent to his beloved one,
The traces of holding old love he feels it deeply as his new wife divides.

His one time lover then went away in a distant land,
And takes a job for her maintenance,
She is alone and lives starved of love, like peeling an apple.

That day is a rainy day, she suddenly calls him
And dares to say her loneliness she is bearing, in tears,
He only comforts her, does not talk much that day.

Three days later, he makes some decision,
For some propositional shots, unknown
To his wife, who relies him only to be faithful.

Century old customary marriage settled by guardians
Gets some prominent significance, when he makes
Declaration to be right for love, this house is for his wife.

“My wife is sole contender and companion, can not be swamped, 
It is my sacrifice to keep my love-lady away from my home, as to
To honor elderly guardians who launched marriage into my life, I shall love
The woman whom I acquired by social proclaimation, and take her in my
Adored domain, in life where we can stay forever.
And the people while passing the road will devote
A minute to remember the lore that I write on its wall.”
He writes these words on a will, and puts them
In a bank vault filled with diamond, platinum, golden jewelry,
And all are endorsed to his ex-loved lady, and he sends them
To the address of her, and returns home to his wife, being husband.

Few days latter, a letter comes to him, enclosed is the key of a locker,
“I do not call you, my love; please do not tear the cord,
I am happy with my lonely life; it is my gift of love. 
I do not want anything of valuables in this world, but memory of love.”

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