Thursday, 22 March 2012


“I want all my male friends are at one place in this web site.”

She is so eager to grow her popularity amongst male friends, and likes hang outs, she likes a design to have all her strong and bold hearts take part at chatting glitter. She is a divorcee of age about thirty, and she wants to focus on all people who declare their mighty career as success, and want to have her as a friend, because energy that she shows them is like moving with many performance schedules, as team work of friendship only, and one share of these activities she loves men more than her women friends. There are many problems in the world, particularly the feminism, and problems of woman modesty and subjugation of women, and she knows all, as she is highly educated, yet she wants to have some favor of male participants, who, she thinks are nothing but valued portrayal of her strong passion, love, and she wants praise of her womanhood, beauty and displayed love openness.

And she displays some performance schedule to them. It is a piece of allowed passion. And then messenger comes to carry her wishes, and she talks with him, then approach is made, and in this act, she becomes a friend to him, and her earning eating, and child bearing capability are held as mighty source of love. And in this act she favors to be praised, and when generation rises to have the sectional protest on the suffering that all women faces at the time of working and dealing a life of freedom, she becomes a helping hand to raise them to the place of safety.

Then she goes out to have promotional activities as life is very short, and she likes to choose one male friend to deal a life that brings some satisfaction that she wants to progression in her love schedules in her time living with ex-husband, who has some pattern of living that she does not like as his attitude of woman is not like a man but to keep her under his control as wife and slave pattern to fuck with. This she does not want to have with and to live with, and so leaves her first husband, and then she goes to have second husband, and there she finds a switch over of term of equal manifestation, and here also she finds a mess of her woman sense and she tried then to get rid of these ugly and boring pattern of married life of women. And these intense promotional activities of male dominated world, where are two existences of livelihood of women, two patterns of thinking about women, - one subjugation in the name of freedom, and the other organic social bondage of slave pattern in the name of God, that is created by males who are nothing but messenger of God, as it is prescribed by men only. Then she changed her religion and got married a man having high education, and strangely she finds the same torturous mind playing in his mind, and she does not like to live with him and she changes her mind to live alone in this world with a maximum of friendship she may independently share and dare to live with.

After that she wants all her male friends to reside in one web page schedules, and independence and settlement for life will be her search as woman in this life and the life after this worldly life upon this earth.

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