Monday, 12 March 2012


She has gone on the way he does not want to be,
She wants more than what he deserves to be,
She seems to be higher to the feeling of love,
And she wants to be more attentive with more speaks,
That he does not want to expose more in a portal,
She has gone on the way he has not asked for,
And on asking her, the only reply was on face,
“I am on a tour to have a charm on my learning,
And the more I move, the more I learn terms
Those are demanding, charming and flowing,
And I think you have no objection on my turns.”

He thinks on his way, and his evening is dry,
As he has to wait on the portal for long to hear,
The words – not to think it as a problem,
As she is in a reality search, an acceptable terms,
That she praises on the shore of new piece of life,
That he does not want to be with his looks and desires,
As the world, he thinks is based on sacrifice,
And his hands cannot go beyond the limits of eyes,
That he learns to live with till the life does permit,
And he replies to her, before she takes the journey,
“I can offer a sacrifice, and you can accept it,
And the consumer world is greedy one to have more fun.”  

“I can walk on the way beyond the sea,
If sea is there, or the iceberg, if it is there,
Or the land if it is habitable and free
To accept the worth in me and in my mind.”
Saying so, she makes a seemingly warning.

And he says nothing, and thinks about creations
That the earth follows are only burns.


  1. Hello Asim Kuma Paul fellow poet.My name is Vladimiro Rinaldi (Rinaldi and Ranuzzi), just Vladimiro for my friends. I have read and enjoyed your poem.Thank you for having put it on line and allow people to read and enjoy your work of litterature.May I send you my web site of poems and other cultural peaceful creativity material ? My poems are also in English.Mother laguage professional translators of poems
    and poets from the road too ,translated my poems. I can only write my poems or other in litterature in Italian,I am Italian mother language.

    When I using English for my poems and other argumentations, sorry I make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.I have become old (70) and my memory and concentration do not work as well as before,when I was a poet of the road. more. Welcome visiting my poetry web site in several languages :


    1. Thanks dear poet and friend, Vladimiro Rinalidi, for your beautiful comments. I have gone some of the photographs and poems, both are valuable and vital in presentation of life. I like all of them. I am happy that you have such rich collection of your photographs.